Levitas is a project born in London about two years ago.

The principle idea behind is the need of lightness everybody feels in our daily chaotic routine.

To print this thought in painting, bubble soap are used instead of brushes to recall child lightheartedness, light mood, a mental breath.

The spherical symbolism is the protagonist of these creations, and represent the blend between soul and alchemy present in our life.

The painting is brought to life from light, and it changes the visual perspective of the image.

The Light Boxes are born to create a conflict in conformity with our therapeutic research.

The installations attempts to reproduce the maternal nature of abandonment, and, multidisciplinary surprising rooms of silent films, in which, in both cases, the wealth of graphics frame is told through the outpouring of a light bulb.

“The light accentuates the need, strength of spirit. Hope to experience this state of mood and wellbeing friend again. “